A World in Disarray: Investing and Politics

Major political events might be currently impacting upon the performance of the stock market, but just how worried should we actually be? Stocks suffered their worst day since September yesterday as Wall Street digested the ever increasing turmoil coming out of Washington. With many Democrats, and even some Republicans, now throwing around the idea of … Continue reading

Apocalypse Tomorrow? Your Guide to a Downturn

Although we’re in the midst of one of the best markets we’ve ever seen, we’re always cautious of when the next downturn will hit. So what are our options to prepare ourselves for when the down-market finally rolls around? This week marks the 8 year anniversary of the current bull market that we find ourselves … Continue reading

Child’s Play: Investing With My Children

One of the main reasons we built the Invest app was to make investing as beautiful and engaging as possible. But is the process easy enough for a child to use it? The original idea of Rubicoin was to codify long-term success in the stock market. Success in any pursuit is underpinned by behavior, and … Continue reading

Yes Boss! How To Assess Company Management

When you begin to consider new companies to invest in, one of the very first things you should look for is a good management structure. Recently, we reviewed the excellent The Little Book That Builds Wealth by Pat Dorsey for our Five Minute Read series. In it, Dorsey outlines the different ways in which companies with economic moats can generate excessive returns … Continue reading

Peak to Trough: How To Handle Stock Price Declines

Sometimes great businesses see huge stock price declines. Yet some investors manage to ride out these tough times and cleverly hold onto declining assets. Today we look at some stats that may leave you feeling more philosophical the next time your portfolio takes a hit. Warren Buffett’s business partner Charlie Munger gave an interview to … Continue reading