Mergers and Acquisitions

What happens when two companies decide to buddy up? Panera Bread was bought by JAB Holdings for the hefty price tag of $7.5 billion last month. SolarCity became part of Tesla Motors at the end of last year. LinkedIn joined up with Microsoft not so long ago, while AT&T and Time Warner are planning on … Continue reading

Making it in the Movies: Lessons on Diversification

Lessons on the stock market can come from the strangest of places. In this week’s blog, we examine how the tactics of movie producer Jason Blum mirror that of a great investor. NPR’s Planet Money has to be one of my favorite podcasts. Taking an alternative look at the global economy and how it works, Planet … Continue reading

Big Brands: Investing in a Name

As investors, we’re constantly on the lookout for companies with a competitive edge. But how can a good brand set a business apart? Picture the scene. You’ve just spent a long day traveling and you now find yourself far from home. You’re tired, you’re hungry, and all you want is a bite to eat. There are … Continue reading

What is a Stock Split?

All industries are guilty of using confusing jargon, and the world of investing is no different. This week, we find out what a stock split is, and how it could affact you as an investor. We’re on a mission to end the glut of investing jargon. And for good reason. Talking to our customers, we hear … Continue reading

Boring is Best: Making Money on Dull Stocks

In life, we generally try to avoid things that bore us as much as possible. But how can an investment in boring companies actually work to our advantage? “The perfect stock would be attached to the perfect company, and the perfect company has to be engaged in a perfectly simple business, and the perfectly simple … Continue reading

Investing in Equality

Although it’s 2017, women the world over still face extreme adversity in the workplace. But how can gender equality actually help a company’s bottom line? This day two weeks ago, millions of people across the world united in celebrating International Women’s Day. But who could ever have predicted that Wall Street would become an unofficial … Continue reading

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What Is An IPO?

After all the excitement of last week, IPOs are the hot topic of the moment. But what exactly is an IPO, and how should we behave as investors when a new company hits the market? Last week we were treated to one of the biggest spectacles the tech world has seen in a long time … Continue reading

The Balancing Act: Saving vs Investing

Consistently saving money is a fundamental part of becoming financially independent. But where should you put this money – a savings account or investments? “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen First thing’s first – saving money is always … Continue reading

Are You The Worst? Redefining The Millennial

Millennials – they’re the worst. But what if we were to tell you that, apart from the difficult financial climate they now find themselves in, you’ve actually been a Millennial all along? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but you might be ‘the worst’. Millennials are the undisputed global scapegoat … Continue reading

What Is A P/E Ratio?

We’re frequently asked by users about P/E ratios and how they are used to assess potential investments. In the latest Rubicoin U blog, we debunk some of the major misconceptions about P/E ratios and find out if it’s actually a metric worth using. Warren Buffett is commonly referred to as one of the world’s most successful investors, but … Continue reading

‘Tis The Season: Seasonal Investing

Trying to predict the short-term market is about as effective as analyzing a lottery ticket. That said, the market has been known to follow certain seasonal trends at different times of the year. A few months ago, we wrote a blog explaining why September was traditionally one of the most volatile months in the stock market. … Continue reading

Passive Income

It can be hard to pay off all your bills on a monthly basis, never mind putting aside money to invest. However, more and more people have started supplementing their salary with passive income. Unless you’re Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, you’re bound to struggle with the bills from time to time. In fact, most people will … Continue reading

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Instead of building your portfolio from individual stocks, investing in an ETF allows you to instantly access a wide-range of assets. One of the most common queries we get from our users is, “I want to invest, but where do I start?” It’s easy to tell people that investing will help shape their financial future, … Continue reading

The Psychology of Spending: Retail Tricks

It can be hard not to blow the bank in the run-up to the holiday season. To help you curb your spending, we’ve identified the top five retail tricks used by stores to get you to spend more money. The start of the holiday madness seems to get earlier every year. Most stores don’t even … Continue reading

Credit Cards: Tips and Advice

Most consumers tend to mistrust credit cards. Credit cards don’t automatically lead you into debt however, and can actually be used to your advantage in many ways.  Credit cards are the most prominent form of revolving credit in the United States. But there’s a tendency to think of credit cards as a poor way to manage … Continue reading

The Seven Steps To Start Investing

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your long-term wealth. But before you start buying stock, there are a few things you need to do.  So you’ve decided to invest… congratulations! You’ve made one of the best financial decisions of your life. Long-term investing has consistently been proven as the most efficient way to … Continue reading